Our company evolution

Our company evolution
A life time
How it all began

the problem

It all started a couple  years ago with a guy  who wanted to remove  rings collar from his dress shirt. After a lot of frustration for not  finding a proper solution to the issue, it became an obsession to find a radical and a permanent one.

December 2010
The game changer concept

the solution

A toiletry supply conceived to keep the interior of your collar clean while wearing it. It is an innovative product in the industry for which two patent applications are currently underway (CIPO and PCT).

April 2013
creating sample of the PIC

the work done

After much practice and research, we made a couple of designs and discovered the material that should be used with the different patterns. ET VOILA !!!  The PIC (”Protecteur Interieur de Col”) was born.

April 2015
at last it ready for all of you

the sharing

The PIC is ready to hit the market and we lunch our biggest  campaign on KICKSTARTER. we believe this little accessory will not only make your life simple but it will also reduce your dry cleaning bills, not to mention that you will be able to keep that  favorite shirt longer and it is very easy to use. we want to bring this amazing little lifesaver to a department store near you.

What we do?
Develop high-quality and stylish design for our liner
Try to expand this product to every department store near you
promote and develop the trade mark PIC
Perform functional and non-functional testing
Look for new partners
Who we are?

We are a young company (Colpro D&D Inc.) that was created on April 18th 2013. We are located at 9350 Riverin in Brossard and our primary mission is the development, distribution and promotion of the PIC product and registered trademark. The PIC (Protecteur Interieur de Col) is an innovation in the industry of toiletry supplies; presently the object of two current patent applications. we, at Colpro wish to position the PIC as a radical solution to a problem encountered by thousands of households.